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Below is a list of common questions that crop up from our Renters. If we have missed anything please don’t hesitate to contact us, either by phone or email.

Where do you deliver? 

We deliver pretty much all over Arizona (fee applies) we have done everywhere from Tucson to Sedona. Generally we cover Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Glendale, Peoria, Anthem, and Ahwatukee. 

How much are your letters? 


All product prices are listed on our products booking page

Can we collect? 


Unfortunately no, we do not offer pick up and drop off by client due to liability purposes. 

When is the full amount due?

1 month before your event, you are of course able to pay the full amount all at once, or at any time leading up to your event, but the full amount must be paid a month before. We send a reminder email on this date.

When do you setup and collect?

We work with you on this one. You specify on your booking form when you would like us to deliver.

We tend to do delivery’s between 11:30am - 6:00pm

We can collect either the same evening after the event has finished up to midnight that evening or the next morning. Please check with your venue.

What letters do you have?

We have EVERYTHING you need, (well almost!) we have multiples of the alphabet.

If we do not have a multiple of one of the letters you need most of the time we are able to get a letter but would need minimum 2 months heads up.

How tall are your letters?

All our letters are 4 foot tall and 3 foot wide, with the exception of the W, M which are slightly wider.

Colored bulbs?

We are expanding and will be bringing out more colors

for now we have: Red, Yellow, and Warm White.

All Warm White bulbs are plastic so will not shatter.

If you need any other color we are able to source these but will need 1 month notice to be able to get them.


There is a small extra charge for different color bulbs.

This is due to the time it takes to replace each bulb and sourcing the bulbs.

Why hire from you? 

The question should be why wouldn’t you hire from us? We were the first company to start up illuminated letters in Scottsdale Arizona.


We make all our letters ourselves, we refine them, make sure they are as good as the day they were born (created) everyone they are hired. We touch them up, repaint etc

We are dedicated to this job, its full time for us so you will get a response to your enquiry the same day.

We work with you, we don’t just deliver the letters in the morning and collect the following morning as this doesn’t suit everyone, we deliver and set up when is convenient for YOU, weddings and events can be stressful and we understand this.

We love being in this industry we have connections to most venues, have completed events at scale, and are use to running multiple events during our busiest periods. 

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